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New Apples (Green)
Apples (Green)
South Africa

₦2,000 - 1 pack

New Apples (Pink)
Apples (Pink)
South Africa

₦2,000 - 1 pack

Apples Online In Nigeria

Do you need to buy some apples for stocking up your fridge? Buy the freshest apples online on April Vine, the largest online fruit market.

Apples are highly nutritious fruits, which are packed with a lot of health benefits, and are definitely an essential fruit to have in your fridge, because of all the wonders it could work for you. Some of the known health benefits of apples of any colour include - it aids in weight loss, protects the heart, boosts brain health, and significantly lowers the risk of type 2 diabetes.

Apples are the proper healthy snacks and you can add it to cereals, oats, or use it to bake pie to ensure that you get the recommended nutrition serving.

Apples typically come in different sizes and colours (green and red), and when you buy them online, they can be packaged and sold in bags, baskets, kgs, all depending on the quantity you would prefer to buy.

Buy Apples on AprilVines

On April Vine, we sell 5-8 pieces per pack on fresh green apples at an affordable price, and a box of red apples you could also get for a good price.

When buying apples online, quality and freshness are two things you should consider, and April Vine offers you both by selling the freshest and most delicious apples, handpicked from the finest orchards and sold on our platform.

On April Vine, we sell the best Apples in any quantity you require, and we also offer you a wide variety of nutritious fruits to select from we have oranges, berries, Kiwi, Lychee and pretty much any other fruit your taste buds will prefer, we have on our platform in different prices, sizes and units.

Explore our site, add apples to your cart, check out, and will deliver it to you fast and easily.

Apples Available On April Vine

  • Green Apples (pack)
  • Red Apples (Box)